TokyoFlash Launched Kisai Escape C Bluetooth Watch!

TokyoFlash, one of our partners in crime, has just launched Kisai Escape C Bluetooth watch, it’s a watch that was designed as a result of crowd-sourcing through their customers, fans, and trendsetters. (You can check out their blog here where they do a lot of crowdsourcing and you can participate.)

The result?  Well, I think it speaks for itself.  It’s not a phone watch (and why would people need phone watches anyways?) but the a bluetooth watch with earbuds/mic so you can use it as a bluetooth device, all while disguising the time in blue LEDs.

The Kisai Escape C also recharges via USB (which I like) and also will let your iPod/iPhone/Nexus One/Droid or even Skype on your computer to connect wirelessly via bluetooth.

If you happen to live in a metropolitan area such as New York or Tokyo, this watch could potentially help you reduce risk against your expensive gadgets by leaving them in your bag or backpack, then listening to music/talking on the phone via bluetooth.

Overall, I think TokyoFlash did a fantastic job of crowd-sourcing, what do you think?

What do I think?  I think this could be the bluetooth watch of the year.

Escape C is a wireless hub that can be paired with your cell phone to make and receive calls hands free and wirelessly, paired with your MP3 player to listen to music in comfort as well as being idea for use with VoIP applications such as Skype on your computer for chatting and at the same time being able to move around the home or office. Escape C is also a versatile and stylish time piece.

The design is the result of crowd-sourced research carried out in March 2009 where customers, fans and trendsetters were asked to provide feedback on 12 concept designs. Escape C is the first product from Tokyoflash to be co-designed by its fans.

Kisai Escape C is available for 9,800 Japanese yen ($107, £72, €80) exclusively from

How to read the TokyoFlash Kisai Escape C:

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