Skateboard Hack – How to Make a Self-Balancing Skateboard!

We’ve probably seen enough of these self-balancing skateboards so far, (I actually prefer one that doesn’t balance as I can balance myself pretty good on a skateboard, perhaps motorized skateboards are enough.) but here’s a guy who made one using the cheapest parts available. Of course, no matter how you make it, it’s not going to be cheap/easy to make a self-balancing skateboard but your efforts might be well worth it for looking uberly-awesome commuting to work.

Why? : I took my self-balancing skateboard to a recent Maker Faire, March 2010 Newcastle UK, (see video 1 below ) and was inundated by people of all ages wanting a ride and teenagers wanting guidance on how to build one. I have been working on these for a couple of years now. I built a one wheeler first which took me 3 months to get to balance (badly) then a lighter no holds barred twin wheeler steered by a wireless Wii Nunchuck – my current machine. That machine was very expensive and not easy to construct. I was seeing how far I could push the concept (and I still am).

via hackaday

Watch the video of this radical self-balancing skateboard here:


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