Quantum Cellphone Camera Image Sensors could Yield DSLR like Photos in year 2011!

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For those of you who have been limited by your cellphone’s camera capabilities, such as low-resolution and the inability to take great low-light shots, you might be happy to learn that a company called InVisage has just introduced their new line of camera image sensors, which could easily yield up to 12 mega-pixel cellphone cameras with the added ability to take better photos under low-light conditions.

“This is entirely different from the type of image sensors that we have right now,” says Tom Hausken, director with market research firm Strategies Unlimited. “Usually you see incremental improvements in sensor design, but these guys have made a significant change in the process.”

What this means is an accelerated growth of smaller digital cameras/cellphones that can take as good of a picture as full-size DSLR cameras. Can you imagine taking professional wedding photos with a cellphone camera?

This probably also means that DSLR cameras in the future will shrink drastically in size or expect resolutions easily around 30 to 5o mega-pixels.  I am sure you can’t wait either, even if you are not an early-adaptor like me.  This will open up a whole new era of photography and video, perhaps help catapult our 3D media to the next level.

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