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Recently, as you know, I got the Google Nexus One, meaning now I have two smartphones along with my Palm Pre.  Well, I’ve come to realize that it’s good to have the best of both worlds, let me give you a bit of comparison test between the Nexus One’s video versus Palm Pre’s video.

First, the Nexus One excels in video with much higher resolution at 5 megapixels and comes with two microphones to enable noise-suppression technology, meaning you can record the voice much better in noisy environments.

But I have found something interesting, that the noisy-suppression technology is working against itself in non-noisy environments.

I think Google can probably change this for the future though, so the noise-suppression technology is only “activated” when their sufficient noise.  Otherwise, it should be turned off as it’s actually creating “more noise” in noise-free environments.

Second, my Palm Pre’s video quality might not be up to par with my Nexus One’s video but its fast Sprint network connection and ability to upload via the 3G connection makes it invaluable at times when I need to upload videos to YouTube on the road. Basically, it’s an awesome mobile device that can upload videos so long as you have a cellular data connection.

On the other hands, the Android operating system won’t let you upload your videos to YouTube unless you are actually connected to a WiFi hotspot, meaning it’s not possible to upload via the 3G connection.  I believe this is just a software fix for the Android, perhaps Google has disabled it for the reason that it might clog up the mobile networks (such as T-mobile cellular data network).    But this is “the” one feature that the Android and Nexus One needs, people should be able to upload to YouTube via the 3G connection, it’s a vital part of social video feature.

With those things highlighted, I am sure Google will make my suggestions come to the next Android update, thanks if you can Googlers.

See Nexus One video:


And Palm Pre Video:


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