Moisture-Resistant Carpet Tiles Are Perfect For Basements

When people hear the word “tile,” they most often think of ceramic squares that are used for kitchen walls or entry floors. “Tile” and “carpet” are not used alongside each other very often.

That will definitely change once homeowners and business owners realize all of the advantages of carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are 18-inch square sections of carpet that can easily be laid down on a flooring surface without any padding.

Carpet tiles have a vinyl adhesive backing that becomes more secure as pressure is applied. No glue is necessary when laying carpet tiles. However, the biggest benefit of carpet tiles isn’t the fact that they can be installed so easily.

The fact that carpet tiles are extremely resistant to moisture makes them ideal for basements and commercial properties that have high foot traffic. With carpet tiles in a basement, a homeowner can eliminate the worry of flooding or water damage to flooring.

If a basement or building where carpet tiles are installed does flood or receive water damage, the tiles can be pulled up, washed and dried. Once the carpet tiles have dried, they can then be reapplied to the floor where they were removed.

Try that with normal carpet and see what happens.

Carpet tiles are ideal for basements because of their resistance to moisture. They are also a good flooring choice because the more pounding and foot traffic they receive, the better they will adhere to the surface underneath.

Another benefit of carpet tiles is the fact that they can be mixed and matched to achieve almost any type of flooring design. One color of carpet tiles can be laid around the border of a room and then a different type can be laid next to get a variety of colors and patterns.

Gone are the days of basement carpeting being one dull color because that was the only option. Brown or grey basement flooring can become something that brightens the room with carpet tiles.

Here are the benefits of carpet tiles:
• Easy to install; just lay them and apply pressure
• Durable, even for heavy foot traffic
• Resistant to moisture
• Easy to clean and dry in case of spills or flooding
• Vibrant colors allow for almost any pattern or design.

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