What Happens when a CPU Heatsink is Removed!


Do you know what happens when a CPU heatsink is removed?  Basically, your CPU that’s been designed to work with a heatsink (so it can achieve higher clock rates than without), will probably overheat and if you do it too much, it can potentially brick your CPU.

How to Under-Clock Your CPU to run without a Heatsink!

Of course, there’s ways around it, by using a software to “under-clock” your CPU.  I have used this method on my older laptops where CPU overheating is a problem.

For more on under-clocking, read up on my blog post, “How to control your CPU speeds!” By the way, the free software will also work on desktop computers so, it IS possible to run a computer without a CPU heatsink, it’s just that you need to “under-clock” the CPU.

When you under-clock your CPU, the CPU temperatures can never get so high, in essence, your CPU will run fine but at maybe 50% of its normal speeds.

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