Neat Receipts Scanner Hands-on Review/Video!


For those of you who are doing taxes or still haven’t done taxes, AND you have a bunch of receipts like me, you might want to consider getting one of these nifty NeatReceipts scanners.

Ever since I have been using one, it’s save me a whole lot of time and a whole lot of space as I don’t have to manually copy over numbers to my speadsheet nor do I have to worry about a big fire at my home.

In the U.S., IRS has been allowing everyone to keep digital copies of all your receipts and documents, meaning there’s no reason why you should keep them in a big box. Instead, digitize them easily using a Neat Receipts scanner and save backups on your favorite online backup system or even just store it on your smartphone.

Apart from scanning the receipts themselves, Neat Works, the software that runs Neat Receipts scanner, will easily convert your scanned receipts into organized dates, numbers, and you can even file them under specific tax categories so you can create a report, export it to Quicken, TurboTax, etc…etc…

Other cool features of NeatReceipts scanner including the ability to scan and organize your business cards and any other documents. Also, NeatReceipts will do a great job of producing PDF files on the go, much faster than my ol’ HP multi-printer/scanner.

Well, I am finally done with taxes and I realize that I am going to have to pay a lot of taxes so, let me go start bloggin’.

My friend also has the bigger desktop version, which is nice if you have a ton of receipts as you can scan multiple receipts/documents at once. I have a video I took a long time ago, let me see if I can find that and I will upload it too.

P.S. I am so tired though, regardless of how you do taxes, even with a Neat Receipts scanner, taxes really wear you out.  I’ve been going over the same numbers for like 5 hours but glad I am finally done baby!

P.S.2. For Mac users, try Neat Receipts for Mac.

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