Demo of Flash Player 10.1 on My Google Nexus One! [Smartphone Game Changer]


The highlights of Google Nexus One over an iPhone isn’t that it has about 35% faster 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU processor (instead of iPhone’s 666Mhz Snapdragon CPU) or that Nexus One has a whopping 5 mega-pixel camera and two microphones for noise-suppression, but that Nexus One will be(is already for me) supporting Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1.

Of course, if you install Modaco’s HTC Desire ROM (You can read up on how to install HTC Desire ROM on your Nexus One btw.), you can already enjoy Flash Player 10.1 as I have been doing for the last few weeks, allowing you to view flash-based websites plus play free flash games!

Anyways, being able to browse flash websites will become a big deal because that means Nexus One will have another billion flash-based sites, adding to the number of apps as a lot of flash content be counted as “apps”.

Now, if they can add an option to use the Nexus One’s accelerometer as controls for flash games, there would be so much less need for mobile apps rather, you can just browse to flash-based websites/games.

Apple iPhones on the other hand, are quickly falling behind the mobile flash player race, this is certainly going to be a game changer.  Although web developers can re-package existing Flash web content into iPhone apps, it’s seriously going to be limiting all the Flash stuff you can view out there, especially there are flash sites that aren’t updated often.

According to Wired:

Also, Flash apps could pose competition with Apple’s App Store. And while the App Store continues to flourish, recently exceeding two billion downloads served, there’s no economic incentive for Apple to rush to deliver a full Flash experience, said Scott Meinzer, co-creator of iPhone development house Tap Tap Tap.

Meinzer added that he wouldn’t expect a full Flash experience to arrive on the iPhone anytime soon. He said even on desktops, Flash is not a smooth experience, often causing sluggish browsing and frequent crashes. Thus, running on a phone, a full Flash experience would not be any better, he said.

Certainly, having flash on your smartphone versus not having it is like being able to watch YouTube videos or you can’t.

Until I saw Flash Player 10.1 on my Nexus One, I didn’t really think it was such a big deal but now I realize this could be the biggest reason why people would get a Nexus One instead of any other smartphone out there.

Of course, don’t get jealous, every Nexus One owner should be getting an automatic Flash Player 10.1 update shortly. 🙂

Also see the video demo of Flash Player 10.1 from Adobe:


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