Tripod DIY – How to Make a Digital Projector Tripod!

For those of you with bulky digital projectors,you might want to consider converting your regular, ol’ tripod into a digital projector tripod.  Not only will it make your digital projector more usable, you should be able to easily rotate/flex the digital projector at any angles of your liking, even the ceiling, which could be great for bed-computing or watching movies in the bed.  (Actually, I dreamed of this exact setup, using my computer while using a projector to project the screen onto my “angled” ceiling, one day I will do this and make a DIY about it.)

Also see here for more DIY Tripods.

Part three of my series on abusing camera tripods is a simple mount for my digital projector. This instructable requires welding, and, potentially a lathe if you make the same mistakes I did. It’s probably a good idea to use a heavy duty tripod for this project because this is adding about ten pounds to the top of your tripod.

via instructables

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