HTC Responds to Apple! The War Has Begun!

Well, the big news today is that HTC responds to Apple with a Boomshakalaka.

HTC’s official statement:

HTC disagrees with Apple’s actions and will fully defend itself. HTC strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect other innovators and their technologies as we have always done, but we will continue to embrace competition through our own innovation as a healthy way for consumers to get the best mobile experience possible,” said Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation. “From day one, HTC has focused on creating cutting-edge innovations that deliver unique value for people looking for a smartphone. In 1999 we started designing the XDA and T-Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition, our first touch-screen smartphones, and they both shipped in 2002 with more than 50 additional HTC smartphone models shipping since then.

It’s true, long before Apple has been making any phones, HTC has been making touchscreen smartphones, I even own one of those. (it sucked but I had to give it to HTC for their improvements over the years as my Nexus One is flawless.)

One of the first touchscreen smartphones came out in 2002 by HTC:

Remember the HTC O2 XDA? Neither do we, but just for the record, HTC would like to remind you that it was the first 3.5-inch color touch screen phone in the world when it launched back in 2002

Meaning if HTC really wanted to, they could probably just counter-sue Apple for even making a touchscreen phone. See where this is going? It’s a vicious-cycle of childish fights pointing who made what first.

I think it’s not helping the tech world, that’s my point.

Some of HTC’s history as indicated here could be pivotal as HTC has done many innovations as much as Apple has in the past:

First Windows PDA (1998)
First Windows Phone (June 2002)
First 3G CDMA EVDO smartphone (October 2005)
First gesture-based smartphone (June 2007)
First Google Android smartphone (October 2008)
First 4G WIMAX smartphone (November 2008)

This is going to be very interesting indeed because if Apple loses the lawsuit (which I think they will), it’s gonna open up whole new era of smartphones and Apple will have to do more than pointing fingers.

Here’s an interesting reason why iPhone is so expensive according to one of the comments on PCWorld:

The main reason why iPhone is so expensive is because it is a monopoly from ONE company. It is not because the iPhone is better than any other smartphones out there. Look at Google’s Android, an Open Source OS designed for small devices such as smartphones. Android offer much more variety of hardware, some of which are almost twice as good in terms of performance and features.

My sincere advice to Apple is to drop the lawsuit and spend more of their time developing iPhone 4G. (And speaking of which, where is iPhone 4G???) This is only going to get messier and it’s not going to look good for Apple no matter what the outcome.

And it looks like a lot of the gadgeteers of the world are rooting for HTC as seen in majority of comments over at Engadget:

Apple will shortly release its version of the Bible (called iBelieve) wherein Apple actually invents the tree from which Eve got her first Apple. All was made by Steve the creator.


Apple hating is fun and is good for you. CrApple is such an easy target. Their products are all underfunctioned and overpriced. Their hype is massive and they go around with such a self-rightous demeanor, thnking that they are the one true way.

The truth is that they are the eveil empire and they, imo, steal whatever they can from others. Even their OS is a freebie from UNIX.

More comments from Gizmodo:

I appreciate how Apple’s saying that they are the innovators of the mobile phone revolutionary bullshit blah-blah-blah. I get it Apple, it’s ideal for you to shit on the competition and get rid of one of your biggest rivals.

But something like “Object-Oriented Multitasking System,” issued on May 21, 1996. Couldn’t Microsoft come and say that you stole that from them citing that Windows was a multitasking GUI?

In total, a high number of what Apple is screaming patent thievery for has been done before the iPhone came out…as if to say everyone didn’t have a camera phone in 2005 is simply preposterous. By the way, HTC looks quiet right now–to those who are screaming bloody murder because they’re not running out guns blazing should keep quiet themselves because litigation needs to proceed correctly…so please have a fresh cup of STFU. Thanks.

As long as the US patent office allows for ridiculous patents to be given out, stupid lawsuits like the one filed by Apple will continue to go on. Don’t get me wrong, I had an iPod Touch and i own an iPhone 3GS, so I don’t hate Apple products or anything but suing a cell phone company for using multi touch sound a bit like a car company suing another for using 4 wheels.

Well, let’s just wait and see what happens.  Although I hate wars, I like watching these types of wars, at least no one gets killed in the process.

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