Google Nexus One/4G WiMax Supersonic coming to Sprint!

Sprint announced today that Google Nexus One will be coming to Sprint soon, meaning Google Nexus One will soon be available on all major cellular networks including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Perhaps this is where Google Nexus One could edge out Apple’s iPhone because users no longer have to choose a network and get the phone on any network.  I think this was a really smart strategy on Google’s part, having a phone available on multiple networks simply makes sense for us consumers.

iPhone user’s worst nightmare is that AT&T’s network might drop calls and their 3G data is slow.  Plus with onset of 4G coming, I don’t think AT&T will be able to catch up quickly enough as they are still struggling with the 3G.

Also, Sprint is launching their first 4G/WiMax smartphone, to be unveiled next Tuesday, we will all be witnesses to an era of new mobile internet here in the U.S.   I have first-hand reviewed the WiMax couple months back at Motorola’s booth in CES 2010  and I have to say, the speeds are incredibly faster in comparison to any of today’s existing 3G networks and much faster than most home DSL/Cable modems even.

Here’s a quick teaser of the new Sprint Supersonic phone, equipped with a Google Android OS:


Certainly, having a 4G Android phone out there on the market will change up the current smartphone ranks.  I am predicting that this will put Apple’s iPhone far behind as the network they are relying on, AT&T, has no current plans for implementing 4G.

Whatever the outcome at the end of this year, one thing is sure, us consumers will enjoy better phones, lower prices, and faster mobile internet.

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