ASUS U30Jc Leaked on ASUS Download Page!

UPDATE: ASUS U30Jc is now available for pre-order on eBay!!!

Well, it seems that ASUS will probably be launching ASUS U30Jc series as well along with ASUS UL30Jt series.   I took a look at ASUS’s download page and there’s more files including 71 files for drivers/software so it shouldn’t be too long before ASUS U30Jc arrives.

2 Responses to ASUS U30Jc Leaked on ASUS Download Page!

  1. robbiwilco says:

    Hey Max,

    What do you think the battery life will be on the J series?

    I’m reading 8 hours, which will likely mean five if brag to show experience is representative.

    What is the guess of the UL30Jt going to be?

    If one places a priority on battery life, is the Vt the best thing going? Does anyone have a clue.

    I mostly do word processing complex docs and email and internet, and video editing — no gaming really.

    What do you think? And what is the time for the UL30J do youthink?

  2. max says:

    Yup, it looks like it would be way less than Vt series, the processor i3 and i5 are not really for ultra-low-voltage, I think but I can’t be sure until it comes out. I imagine UL30Jt will have about the same as U30Jc, which is 9.5 hours.

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