PDF Hack – How to Open Every PDF File with GoogleDocs!

Recently, I’ve stopped using Adobe reader simply because it’s slow and for GoogleDocs does a great job of letting you view PDF files much quicker than Adobe reader.

So, how do you open every PDF file you find online with GoogleDocs?

So long as the PDF file exists online, you can simply use GoogleDocs viewer and paste in the URL of the PDF you want to view.

Another great way to do this automatically is to get the gPDF add-on for your firefox and Chrome.

A lot of times you will find yourself on your friend’s computer or a public computer that doesn’t have Adobe reader installed.  Instead of messing with fussy installation programs, just use GoogleDocs Viewer.

Also, if you want to make your PDF file friendly on your website so people can easily view it through GoogleDocs, you can use the following PHP code:

<?php $pdf=”myfilename.pdf”; ?>

<a href=”http://docs.google.com/viewer?url=<?php echo urlencode($pdf); ?>”>View PDF</a>

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