Business Card DIY – How to Make “Electric” Business Cards!


For those of you in tech industry and you want a really cool business card, take a look at this “electric” business card that can be used as a mini-size LED flashlight.

The author Aaron Alai is a graduate student but I think with this kind of creative skills, getting a job should be a piece of cake.  Better yet, I would recommend him to setup his own shop to sell these electric business cards and make a million bucks, what do you think?

Of course, don’t forget DIY penny shooter business cards for mechanical engineers.

It’s on the site because I designed the business card to be a type of small interactive exhibit, the card is a demonstration on how transistors work.  The user can also experimentally use the card in different environments to see the effects the environment has on transistor circuits.  Transistors amplify current.  Let’s take a moment to define current; in our definition current will be flowing though a wire.  In a simplified way current is the number of electrons (the particles of atoms that flow through the wire) that pass though a cross section of wire within a given amount of time.  Current is measured in amps, and one amp is equal to about 6.24*10^18 (or about 6,240,000,000,000,000,000 electrons; this also gives you an idea as to how small electrons are) electrons passing through our cross section of wire in one second.  One amp is relatively a lot of electrons, to put it in perspective your home outlets will only let you use 15 amps.

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