iPhone DIY – How to Replace iPhone Battery!

Probably one of the unfortunate facts about an iPhone is that it comes with a permanent battery that’s hard to replace.  Of course, you can buy an iPhone battery yourself for just about $9.99 on Overstock.com then follow the directions below to replace it yourself.



Remember that this replacement battery DIY will help those who have been getting shorter times with your iPhone battery but probably won’t help any of you who have new iPhones.   And it won’t help the fact that you can’t switch the battery while you actually need to, perhaps when you are in the bus and whatnot.

But for those of you who don’t want to void your warranty, you can try various different external battery options for the iPhone.

As for me, I will stick with my Nexus One and Palm Pre, both of which can switch batteries in about 5 seconds each.  Don’t get jealous. 🙂

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