Nexus One Hack – How to Install Cyanogen Mod on your Nexus One!

(Boot-up animation of Cyanogen Mod on my Nexus One)

Sorry for lack of updates folks, I have been immersing myself in some crazy Nexus One mods over the last couple days, bearing getting any sleep.

Basically, I was trying to get the Android WiFi Tether app working, which requires you to root your Nexus One.  In the process, I just decided to install the Cyanogen Mod (which is basically an “enhanced” Nexus One Android OS) while I am at it.

After installing Cyanogen Mod on my Nexus One, I was rather surprised to find that my phone seems to run zippier plus getting better signals.

Anyways, I got both USB and WiFi tether to work on my Nexus One plus the new recovery image by Amon_RA user at xda-developers forum does a whole lot of goodies such as ability to backup/restore a whole OS, which means you can install various different ROMS without worrying about breaking your Nexus One.

Finally, I have 2 smartphones that can tether both USB and WiFi plus I’ve got an extra USB broadband dongle.  (Also see my post on how to make use of multiple WiFi hotspots when you are in remote locations.)

Do I recommend everyone who has a Nexus One to install Cyanogen mod?

Heck ya, this mod will make your Nexus One a “super” Nexus One.  Plus, you get to decide when your phone updates.  Updates are actually “quicker” than the stock Nexus One from Google so I don’t see why you wouldn’t install this mod.

Based on playing around a bit, unless you “overclock” your Nexus One too much or do something, this mod isn’t going to brick you phone, unlike what people who don’t know are saying.   Of course, it’s going to break your warranty but really, you need to take a chance sometime in life.

Anyways, I’ve got the whole step-by-step directions on how to install the Cyanogen Mod to your Nexus One. I made my HOWTO guide because I felt the guides out there are lacking for people who just started messing with Android, me.  Also, you will need to unlock your Nexus One so let the hacking begin, I hope.

I tried to include a lot of stuff that beginners (me) would overlook such as even installing the Android SDK and USB drivers, etc…etc…

Thanks to @Cyanogen and everyone who has contributed to this cool mod, I am lovin’ it!

P.S. Oh yeah, I’ve already installed the new HTC Desire ROM on my Nexus One and switching back and forth between the Cyanogen, I will have a step-by-step guide for that too soon.

Here’s a quick overview video of the Nexus One Cyanogen Mod:


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