Nexus One Hack – How to Hack(Tether) Your Nexus One into a WiFi Router!

You probably remember when I hacked my Palm Pre into a WiFi router when it came out months ago.  Well, I decided to do the same thing on my Nexus One too!

I know I mentioned this Nexus One Wifi hack couple weeks back but didn’t try it myself and found that instructions out there are very lacking so I made my own howto guide on how to hack(tether) your Nexus One into a WiFi router!

The procedure is pretty safe and there’s very little chance you will brick your phone but it will void your warranty plus make your Nexus One into a super Nexus One so proceed at your risk.

And btw, this WiFi tethering app is so much better than any paid apps you will get out there such as PDAnet so highly recommended and it’s FREE.

Here’s a quick video of my new Nexus One WiFi router:


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