Intel WiFi Link 1000 Not Working? Try Updating Driver Manually!

Recently, I’ve noticed that my Intel WiFi Link 1000 is not picking up some WiFi signals or is not as good as other WiFi adaptors I have.  The problem exists with old drivers.

I went to Intel’s support site and downloaded the latest version of the Intel WiFI Link 1000.

After updating to the latest driver, my Intel WiFi Link 1000 works flawless!

This should be the case on many other Intel WiFi chipsets so make sure to check if your WiFi driver is the latest one, otherwise you might be struggling on crappy driver.

And yeah, Windows 7 doesn’t update this automatically so you need to update the drive manually.

Now I am picking up more WiFi signals and no more jammed WiFi connections or only connect to some WiFi.  Yey!



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