DIY Pixel Qi Sunlight-proof LCDs coming soon!

The news of the week is that Pixel Qi, manufacturer of sunlight-proof LCDs, is going to be releasing DIY LCD replacement kits that will allow your laptop to use much less power (allowing your laptop to run 20-30% longer) plus the LCDs themselves work well in bright sunlight.

The last time I used my netbook in bright sunlight was at the zoo couple months back and I have to say, you would seriously need something like a DIY Pixel Qi LCD kit replacement if you like the outdoors.

Of course, I think it’s all a bad idea to be using computer outdoors (unless you have to) but the battery savings of the new DIY LCD kit will bring new battery life to your laptop/netbook.

My Eee PC 1000HE netbook currently gets good 8 hours but with this upgrade it should get another 2 hours no problem while my ASUS UL30Vt should get a good 7 hours from its regular 5 hours.

Right now, it seems like these Pixel Qi kits will only be available for 10.1″ LCDs, so my netbook will be able to get the upgrade while my other laptops must wait.

Whatever the case, Pixel Qi seems to be on the right track, perhaps laptops/netbooks in the future will come equipped with this technology for prolonged battery life, I hope.

Also, these kits are easy enough to install that 11-year olds are making a business out of it in rural Nigeria plus I can attest to the fact that replacing LCDs on laptops/netbooks is pretty easy to do.

This is really exciting news because I think in couple years we will have LCDs that use much less power but much brighter at fractions of the cost.   Aren’t we lucky enough to be born during the tech boom?  I bet you are.

Well, I am gonna go play with my new Cynogen Nexus One mod, it’s freakin’ awesome!  I will have a blog post about that soon too.  Btw, I got my Nexus One USB/WiFi tether to work, yey I got now 3 devices that can tether my laptop, the USB, Palm Pre, and Nexus One.

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