iPad will not have iPhone Tethering according to Steve Jobs!

Perhaps money is too good for Apple and AT&T, Steve Job’s official word on iPhone tethering the iPad is a simple, “no”.

Well, the wi-fi version of the iPad is poised to hit store shelves on April 3, and given that a large number of interested purchasers for the device presumably own iPhones, it’s only natural to wonder if AT&T will enable users to tether their iPhones to the iPad. Now seeing as how a wi-fi version of the iPad will soon be accompanied by a 3G equipped iPad with service supplied exclusively by AT&T, there’s really no reason why AT&T would permit iPad tethering when it can make some extra cash with month to month 3G contracts on the 3G enabled iPad.

Of course, let’s not forget AT&T is charging multiple times for the things they should be only charging once.
For example, iPad will have 3G connection, provided users pay “separately” for the service.  There will be a WiFi-only version, which I should be able to tether using my Sprint Palm Pre, or even my Nexus One.

And iPhone users can also do it too using PDANet.

The point is, all the consumers who can’t even install an app (or doesn’t know about it) will get screwed, paying 3 times for their 3G service, once for an iPhone, once for their 3G modem, and once more for an iPad when all this could be solved with iPhone tether.

I guess it’s not a big deal since people can use PDANet or use other methods of wifi tethering.   But the point remains that AT&T is still clearly being “evil” by charging customers more than they should.

So what?

Let’s start a war, let’s start boycotting all AT&T services.  I have, it’s been 3 years since I have purchased any AT&T products.  Unless consumers start doing something about it, we are all going to be treated like bunch of guinea pigs that can’t think for ourselves.

Seriously, do you like being “owned” by AT&T as an iPhone user?  I bet you don’t, the only way to make AT&T to change is for you to step up and start DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There, I did something about it by writing this blog post and other great hideous posts outlining what is wrong with AT&T, I just need your help to get this ball rollin’

All I want you to do is this, just one tweet or even tell your friend how much AT&T sucks because they make you pay for every little thing.  You can still like Apple, I like Apple too but AT&T?  That’s something I get peeved about.  I am not even a customer of AT&T but I just hate what they are doing to people, screwing them in the a**.  There, I said it, someone has to speak the truth around here.

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