DIY Lego Sequencer!


Even since my friend who used to be a DJ showed me his sequencers and how he can make cool music, I’ve been fond of sequencers in general.  But here’s a fantastic DIY lego sequencer you should take a look at where you can actually use lego pieces to build your sound.

I think this could also be great idea for teaching kids about sequencers and music.  Brilliant!

Artist slash musician Yoshi Akai makes a lot of electronic musical instruments, including this 3-channel Lego sequencer. A lot of his pieces have an awesome steampunk flavor.

[A]lmost everybody has played with Lego block. In an interface design, this experience is very helpful. Users can understand how to use the tools by intuition. Furthermore, the sound of the complex system is constructed by combining simple systems intricately. The devices that are using emotional designs play chaos sounds by uncomplicated movement.

Playing sound using crisp bread instead of vinyl records; pieces of Lego instead of synthesizer keys etc. It is more building music or finding sound than playing.

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