Brain Hack – How to Make a DIY Brain Shocking Device!

Remember that Arduino hack we posted late last year that hacks a Star Wars Force Trainer to make a mind-controlled device?  Well, here’s another hack involving a similar gadget.

Mindflex Game from Mattel is another similar toy that can detect your brain’s waves or an EEG.  Some people decided to hack it into a brain shocking device and they tell you how to make one yourself.

Now, this new DIY brain shocking device isn’t probably good for your kids to play with but your co-workers and friends might get a kick out of it.  Perhaps you can play for some prizes, whoever can concentrate the longest.

We wanted to hack a device, so that unless you remained calm and your brain stayed idle, it would shock the hell out of you. Would the horrible fear of impending pain cause you to clear your mind, or concentrate and receive said pain? Would extended use of the device ruin your neural net so that you could no longer concentrate for fear of being shocked?

via hackedgadgets

Watch this video and see how fun it is to play the “brain shocking game”.


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