Anti-Fog DIY – How to Make Defogger with Potatoes!

Here’s a rather interesting fact, potatoes can I guess be used as defogger. Simply cut your potatoes then apply to any windows or surfaces that tend to fog up.  Hey, it sure beats buying a Anti-fog defogger filled with a bunch of chemicals!

1. Cut a raw potato in half. Be sure to use a clean potato, so wash it first if it is coated in soil. This is a good opportunity to use up an old potato that has started to sprout and is past its best.
2. Rub the cut part of one half potato on the window. This will clean it and leave a layer that will prevent fog from forming on the window.
3. Use the other half if needed. You can also cut off dirtied slices and keep using the existing half if wished.
4. Leave to dry without touching.

via lifehacker

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