MSI’s All-in-One 3D Desktop with i7 Coming Soon!

MSI announced they will be introducing world’s first all-in-one 3D desktop with Intel i7 at CeBIT expo in Hanover this year.

This will be a lot of fun, I might get one of these as soon as it comes out.

MSI are going to be showcasing their new range of all in one pcs at the forthcoming CeBIT expo in Hanover from March 2nd to March 6th 2010 and amongst them there’s one product that’s bound to attract a lot of attention.

It is the world’s first large screen full high definition 3D all in one computer designed for the 3D home experience. The press release says it all.

“MSI has become the first company in the world to introduce an All-in-One PC with a 3D touch-screen.

via geekwithlaptop

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