Travel DIY – How to Travel to Thailand and Avoid Protestors!

My friend who I helped make OnEarthTravel blog, is actually starting to blog again.  (I’ve been pushing him to blog again since couple days ago as seen here) As a former native of Thailand, my friend Bodin shows you how to travel Thailand and avoid protestors:

Cambodian citizens can’t travel to Thailand  for the moment.  Many people of Cambodia  still love to travel to Thailand even though Thailand amid fears of mass protests from the anti-government group.

You can still visit the northern  and  southern  parts of Thailand without the trouble. The anti-government group most likely will protest in Bangkok,  the capital city of Thailand.

You can fly directly from the northern Thailand (Chiang Mai International Airport) to the southern  Thailand (Phuket International Airport).  I think this is a good idea for the people that try to avoid the troubles while they’re traveling in Thailand.

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