Laptop News Round-up!

Over at LaptopPimp, we have been doing a lot of reviews of laptops and laptop accessories, here’s a quick round-up of the latest laptop news:

Archos launches more tablets, these look more like digital frames but might be a good choice for couch-computing.  Check out the Darth Vader USB hub if you are a Star Wars fan like me.  Yet another touchscreen tablet launched, EviGroup Paddle Tablet, it might be good alternative if you hate the iPad but want a Windows-based sister.

HP reveals the EliteBook 2540P, might be a good 12.1″ notebook although I prefer ASUS for anything 13.3″ and less.

If you tend to do a lot of online shopping, you might want to encrypt all your credit card info with this USB credit card swiper, certainly looks promising. Also, if you do a lot of WiFi hacking like me, try this WiFi Spectrum analyzer.

HAL, a new touchscreen tablet device, could be a serious contender to iPad and runs my favorite mobile operating system in the world, Android baby! Another cool tablet from Korea, the Viliv S10 Blade.

Well, that’s all folks for now, I will try to have more laptop round-ups in the future.  You can check out our laptop blog here, all written in great English by our editor David Allen (no, not me, I am a bad writer!).

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