KSSN (Korean Social Security Number)! HACKED!

What is KSSN?  It’s Korean Social Security Number for every Korean citizen.  Why is this important?  Because practically 100% of Korean websites require you to put in your KSSN as part of any website registration process.

I know, compared to the U.S., this can be rather frustrating because you are practically risking exposure of your private matters everytime you sign up for a new website.

Well, I guess recently there has been a lot of talk in Korea (that I noticed) that these unique KSSN numbers were being hacked.  There’s numerous sites for generating KSSN numbers right now.

Now, I think it’s mostly gamers who are trying to register for Korean-based MMORPG games and the hack seems to be harmless as far as I can tell but this is in effect using someone’s KSSN.

I think this shows how “flawed” Korean government is by forcing website owners to collect KSSN as part of registration process.  It’s absurd and these KSSN hacks are proving that it was a dumb idea afterall.

Even Wikipedia says it’s part of the problem causing identity fraud in Korea.

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