DJ DIY – How to Make Your own Digital Scratcher DJ Turntable!

TerminatorX is a free program that let you scratch your favorite digital files (such as an MP3) like a real DJ turntable by using a mouse.  I have used similar programs before and they are surely what future of music industry could be, I predict most of the DJs in year 2020 will be using that instead of vinyl.

Anyways, it’s not much fun to scratch using your mouse but here’s a great hack that shows you how to hack an old mouse and convert it into a digital DJ turntable input device for TerminatorX.

Besides that, you won’t have to spend any extra money building this nifty DJ gadget plus you are recycling stuff, good for our environment, yey!

Also check out these cool touchscreen turntables.

But using the mouse is not even close to a real turntable. So here is a way to make from an old mouse and other parts a more realistic turntable.

I have tried several models made from recycled computer parts, and I will present you all of them here.

via instructables

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