Bubble Hack – How to Make Bubble Solution!


You know Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick the Starfish love bubbles.  And most kids love bubbles.  And I love bubbles!

So, why not make your own bubble solution?  Otherwise you’d be spending a lot more for bubble bottles at the retail store, you should be using that money for somethin’ else because the simplest bubble solution can be a mix of water and dishwashing liquid.

Is it safe?  Most retail bubble solutions are just that anyways, I don’t see how much safer it is to buy bubble solution than make your own.

Of course, here’s some other great bubble solution recipes I found:

Basic Bubbles
2 tblsp dish soap
1 cup water

Sweet Bubbles
1 tblsp corn syrup
2 tblsp dish soap
1 cup water

Magic Bubbles
1 tblsp glycerin
2 tblsp dish soap
9 oz water

Color Bubbles
1 cup liquid tempra paints
2 tblsp dish detergent
1 tblsp liquid starch

And also check out this site that has a ton of bubble solutions.

Now you have absolutely no reasons to buy bubble solutions plus you have the option of customizing your bubbles!

Also, don’t forget that bubble guns can make things a lot more fun too!

How cool is that?  Okay, I love bubbles, you don’t have to be a kid to love bubbles.

My motto for happy and long life, “Your body can grow old but your mind has a choice to think young forever.”

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