Bed DIY – How to Make a Pipe Bed!

Need a new bed?  Tired of either an old bed frame that’s barely standing or you have the mattress on the floor?  Well, there’s a hack for that, make a pipe bed.  We’ve featured a slew of pipe bed DIYs before but this design looks pretty decent, made using aluminum pipes.  Btw, don’t use galvanized pipes from Home Depot, they are greasy and you will get pipe grease all over your bed sheets, something you don’t want and not good for your health.

My original idea was to use aluminum pipes to create a frame large enough for a queen but use crossover speedrailers so that I can easily adjust and take it apart whenever I want since I move a lot.  I wanted the head legs to be longer than the tail legs and the base to be a couple of inches longer and wider than my bed.  I really wanted to avoid Home Depot at all costs but I couldn’t find a place that sold aluminum pipes.  The total cost ended up being around $400 for the speedrailers, $100 for the pipes, $20 for the leg caps, $30? for the wood slats.

It seems like the author spent a lot of money for this DIY but I think if you research more you should be able to bring down prices a lot more.  Also look into re-using aluminum pipes in landfills and whatnot.

via bedzine

P.S. Also see more pipe beds here. and another pipe bed here.

And if you don’t like pipes for some reason (arrr u r not a plumber or Mario/Luigi), you can see how to make platform bed here.

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