USB Hovercam Scanner Replaces Old-Skool Overhead Projectors!

Remember those large overhead projectors we used in high school to magnify paper onto the wall?  Well, here’s something that might replace that bulky, useless technology.  (Of course, don’t forget to recycle and re-make your overhead projector into a digital projector in the process.)

The USB Hovercam scanner can scan and magnify anything underneath, works just like an overhead projector except digitally.  How cool is that?

The free software that is included with the X500 is called HoverCam Flex. The Flex is not surprisingly built on the Adobe Air platform, and is a desktop based application that connects directly to their web services. Images can be uploaded, saved, published, shared and OCR’d with a quick drag and drop. The HoverCam Flex service also provides quick integration with other cloud services like Google OCR, Picassa, DropBox and e-Fax. The benefits of the software alone might be worth the $199 asking price of the HoverCam X500.

You can get one on Amazon here for $194.99.


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