Watch Japan Tsunami LIVE VIDEO!

Here’s an updated Japan Tsunami report:

Above is live video from Kuji harbor, Japan.

Another live video from Uneri Miyake Island below:Live video from Hokkaido:

UPDATE: Japan Tsunami predicted to hit at 3PM Japan time or 10PM Pacific Standar Time here, I am going out for a smoke, been watching this live video for 2 hours straight now! Be back though before tsunami hits, I’ve got my camera ready… 9:13PM

UPDATE: Looks like the real tsunami has been delayed an hour from now, the announcement says The Japanese government reported tsunami will arrive later in about 1 hour, I guess keep watching for longer? Or check back… 9:13PM

UPDATE: Looks like a 30cm tsunami hit the northern Japan, still waiting for a tsunami to hit on Kuji harbor, I guess keep watching… 9:12PM

UPDATE: There’s still a chance bigger tsunamis could hit so keep on the watch! 8:47PM PST

UPDATE: Seems like tsunamis have started hitting Japan but initial tsunamis are only 10cm in height, looks like Japan will be okay. 8:42PM PST

As some of you well know, there’s been tsunamis hitting many parts of the world today including Hawaii as a result of recent Chile earthquakes.

I was watching the whole Hawaii tsunami earlier today for few hours. Luckily, Hawaii escaped the whole trial with no devastating results.

In the meanwhile, Japan is to be hit with tsunami waves any minute. Japan was also hit with a 7.3 magnitude earthquake just a day ago. That could have set off more tsunamis in other directions of the world.

Above is a live video I found of Kuji harbor in Japan, where the Tsunami is supposed to hit, expected at 10 feet.

As I am watching the live video, I can hear public speakers warning people to evacuate.

My prayers go out to those who have died in Chile and pray that tsunami doesn’t hit Japan too big.

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