ReNu Solar Powered iPhone/iPod Speakers/Recharging Dock!

For those of you eco-enthusiasts out there (like me), you might be happy to learn that ReNu solar-powered iPhone/iPod speakers will be available so you can enjoy your favorite music without adding to the world’s carbon footprint but by using solar power!  You can pre-order yours on Amazon here for $149.

The best part about these new ReNu speakers is that they can even “recharge” your iPod or iPhone using the power of sun.

Complete audio performance from sunlight. Up to eight hours of sound from one charged ReNu panel Sync an iPhone or iPod with a computer via USB port; User interface provides feedback on power generation and consumption. Powered by the ReNu personal solar power generation and storage panel or traditional power outlet, the ReNu+Audio Dock offers complete sound performance and restores the battery in an iPhone, iPod Touch, or any iPod with a click wheel.

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