VMWare DIY – How to Run Ubuntu with Windows 7 in “Unity” mode!


Couple years back, actually exactly 5 years ago, I used to use Linux as my main operating system while Windows XP ran in VMWare Linux.  Well, those days are over because I feel that Windows simply runs slowly inside Linux.  But the other way works, you can always run Ubuntu inside Windows, I think that’s a better way to go if you need both operating systems in one computer.

Today I saw that on HowToGeek.com that there’s a “unity” mode in VMWare that will let you seamlessly integrate Ubuntu inside Windows 7, as if they were in the same operating system.  For example, you could drag stuff between Ubuntu and Windows 7 windows or even copy and paste.

You can run Ubuntu windows side-by-side with Windows 7 windows, and can copy and paste, drag-and-drop between the windows, and more! The Ubuntu programs’ icons show up in the taskbar the same as normal Windows programs.

Of course, don’t forget there’s a free VirtualBox too if you don’t like paying for VMWare.  (but you won’t get unity mode I guess)

Anyways, for those of you virtual machine heads out there, I am sure this info could be useful in making 2 operating systems into 1, FINALLY!

2 Responses to VMWare DIY – How to Run Ubuntu with Windows 7 in “Unity” mode!

  1. Anonymous says:

    VMware Unity and VirtualBox Seamless mode (which i like better) have been around for some time now, where have you been ? 😛

  2. max says:

    Oh Seamless on VirtualBox? Great, thanks for that.

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