How to Avoid Speed Traps on Your iPhone, Android or Blackberry!

I’ve mentioned PhantonAlert before, a service that lets you avoid speed traps. Well, here’s another service that’s going to help you avoid speed traps, There’s an app for almost every smartphone including the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry so try it out and let me know if it does indeed work well.

As for me, I will keep relying on my old-school “magical” feel of the roads. I can see a cop a mile away when I am driving, call it “sixth sense”. Or better yet, just don’t drive out of control, cops don’t pull you over for going 10 miles over the speed limit but they will if you are weaving in and out of the lanes, which you shouldn’t be doing anyways.

This can only work as a massively deployed free app,” said Trapster creator Pete Tennereillo. “We’ve grown from less than half a million users to approximately 3.2 million. Two-thirds [of those people] are on iPhones; 600,000 are on Blackberries; and a couple hundred thousand are on Android. The rest [are split] between various other platforms and text messaging.

via jalopnik

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