Find a Light – Glow in the Dark Wall-Plate Inserts!

For those of you who have hard time locating your light switches in the dark, try adding these awesome Find-a-Light glow-in-the-dark wall-plate inserts!  Just $4.99 on Amazon for a set of three.

Wall-plate insert glows all night long without electricity. You don’t need to hire an electrician to install complicated lighted toggle switches in order to see the light switch in a dark room. Never fumble in the dark for a light switch again, thanks to the Find A Light. Each of these three wall-plate inserts glows all night long without electricity or batteries. Simply use your light switch’s existing screws to fasten a Find A Light to your wall plate. The device charges using daylight or artificial light and requires no electricity or batteries to function. The advanced technology of this material provides a bright glow that lasts all night long. You can expect each Find A Light to last over 20 years.

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