Toddler DIY – How to Make a Toddler’s Play Laptop!

For toddlers who are not proficient with computers yet (perhaps <3 years old), making one of these nifty play laptops could be great idea, especially if you have some old keyboards lying around.  Of course, if you happened to have an old laptop around, you could probably just load it with some Spongebob Squarepants episodes and let your child play with it.

Either way, having a laptop for your child is become ever more important in our “internet” world.  I remember when I first got my computer at age 9 back in 1989, that was a beast, a 386-DX 25Mhz that cost my dad about $3,000.  I have no idea still why my dad bought me such an expensive birthday gift but I am glad he did as otherwise, would have never been born and I probably would have not learned much about computers.  Thanks to my Dad who spoiled me 21 years ago.  And oh yeah, if you can afford it and your child is at least 3 years old, get him a real computer, that will go long ways to making their own

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