Crane Hack – How to Make a Crane Game for your Home!

I am one of those people who do so well at crane games at my local supermarket that sometimes I get those looks from grocers who might be feeling hurt whenever I win one.  Nevermind robbing your grocers of their “evil” purpose of trying to make money from customers (although to me it seems like stealing and too much fun I can’t stop), you can build yourself a crane game for your home so your kids can get real good at it, just like you. 🙂

Just a word of advice for those of you who suck at the crane game: You need to find the right combination, if there’s nothing to grab, there’s nothing to grab.

The basic parts are: a motorized assembly that raises and lowers a claw,  a track for the assembly to move around on, and a ctontroller with some electronics.

via instructables, hackaday

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