Coconut Hack – How to Make a Coconut Bowl!

One of my favorite drinks is the coconut juice, you can drink it straight from the coconut just like they do in Thailand.

Well, I guess these coconuts (the outside part) can actually make for some great bowls.  Indeed, this instructable shows you how to make a real bowl out of coconuts, could serve as great bowls.

That reminds me, I am gonna go get some fresh baby coconuts later today at the market.  Yum…  Oh yeah, buy the soft ones, they have the soft meat, which is really good.

Here’s a trick from one of the comments in the instructable for getting the meat out:

A trick I just learned when it comes to getting the meat out of the coconut –

Pop the halves into the microwave (separately) for two min. each. You’ll hear popping sounds, and when it comes out, get a spoon or something and carefully pry between the meat and the shell – it’ll pop out in sections, and if you use a sharp knife to cut lines into the meat it’ll come out in nice little strips and blocks.

Eaten while warm it tastes like roasted nuts. If you let it cool back down, it tastes normal. You get a perfectly clean shell interior with little effort. Just be careful not to burn yourself on the heated shell, it helps to pop the meat out under running cool water. 🙂

via instructables

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