Cellphone Hack – How to Read SMS Messages via Serial Communication!


For those of you selling your old cellphones, make sure to permanently erase your old text messages as this hack shows you they can easily be retrieved afterwards by connecting to the cellphone via TTL serial communications.

I picked up some used c168i cell phones off of ebay to do some integration projects. Hooking up the serial port is just a matter of connecting a 3/32″ audio connector up to a TTL USB serial cable. I was pretty amused by the two hundred SMS messages that were left inside the phones memory. I used a fake – phone number in these samples. Here’s an interesting bit: the phone actually had a pin on the messaging screen! Even without the pin I was able to pull the text messages off the phone.

The vulnerable cellphone featured here is the Motorola c168i but I am sure this might be the case with many other cellphones so just be on the watch out!

I might actually try this hack with my old cellphones I have laying around, that could be a lot of fun.

via hackaday

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  1. roy says:

    please send me how i can read text messages from my girlfiends phone

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