ROV Hack – How to Make a DIY ROV Submarine!

Probably one of the most fun hacks a gadgeteer can do is make an ROV submarine to discover the waters at the local lake or even the deep ocean.  It’s not an easy task, a daunting project for most but you can follow and learn from Jason Rollette’s build on his ROV submarine.

Jason uses PVC pipes, Atmega microcontroller, and various pumps to make it happen but this certainly is an interesting hack indeed.

The plan is to make this a flexible platform that will allow me to add things like leak detect, temp/pressure sensors, depth, air lift balloons, torpedos, sonar, grabbing arm, artifical horizon, compass, joystick control, AVI video recorder, Picture Frame grabber. But stage one is going to be working the bugs out the main platform.

via hackaday

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow i tryed this and it works

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