DIY Wolfgang Keyboard Bench made from Recycled Keyboards!

One of the things I like about designers these days is the fact that a lot of them are using recyclable materials to re-use and re-make new cool things like this Wolfgang Keyboard Bench, featuring recycled keyboard pieces as it’s main design.  Of course, I imagine how comfortable/practical this keyboard bench is when the keys can be pressed down.

I would certainly want something like this in my livingroom someday.  This is a great work of an art that deserves some attention.

The Wolfgang keyboard bench is made up of 2000 keys imbedded into a layered Baltic birch wood. Each key is pressable and actually makes a clicking sound when pressed. The tactile effect of the bench also makes a playful interaction with the bench because
you engage with the piece of furniture in a very up close and intimate manner while pressing in the keys.

via coroflot, nerdapproved

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