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MagMerPuz is a new puzzle producer and a community design house located in Richmond Virgina. Our mission is to reinvigorate the classic jigsaw puzzle. We will accomplish this by building a community of creative minds. We are raising the bar on the standard jigsaw puzzle and creating the puzzle of the future. Our first puzzle is acrylic and double-sided with a tessellated piece pattern. Each piece presents a multitude of possible solutions, and challenges a person to rethink the traditional methods of solving a jigsaw puzzle.

We started off with a concept of how we would improve upon the classic jigsaw puzzle. Working with a local sign shop that had all the necessary equipment we were able to create our prototype. Now we have a really innovative new puzzle design that we want to produce and sell to many different markets.

One of the first things that we are setting up is our main website which will feature a design community for artist and content creators to design the puzzles that we will sell. This will be done the same way as and but with puzzles being created instead of t-shirts.

Currently we are getting all of our patents in place both in the US and international. We have started a fund raising project on to help generate the money for out international patent filing. With this last step we should be able to start producing puzzles.

Please check out our kickstarter page at

Excerpt:: Magmerpuz is a new puzzle producer who is looking for help funding a project.

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