Circuit Hack – How to Make a Light Bulb Alarm Clock!

For those of you who want a gentle alarm clock that doesn’t use annoying loud sounds (which can stress you out when you wake up in the morning), you might want to look into this cool light bulb alarm clock that uses a PIC microcontroller and a circuit off an old alarm clock.

Also, if you are interested in even a gentler alarm clock, take a look at the RGB Orb alarm clock I made couple years back here.

“First I wrote some test code to check of a small microchip with internal crystal can manage to keep track of time. Well.., uuuuh.., the result was I lost three minutes a hour, not great.
Not having any crystals and it being Sunday I search for other ways of getting a decent timing signal. After some brainstorming I pulled a old alarm clock and search for a usable signal, I struck gold with a nice 1Hz signal.”

via hackedgadgets

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