iPhone Hack – How to Make a Serial Communication Device for your iPhone!


One of the biggest problems with hacking the iPhone to control other gadgets is the fact that iPhone doesn’t support external devices easily without use of a middle-man computer.

When searching for solutions, some projects show up which claim that “the iphone controls my RC car/my garagedoor” etc, but actually the iphone is communicating with a pc which then again communicates with an arduino. This is ok for protyping, but I want to get rid of the PC part (Actually there was a project in 2008 which uses iphone-xbee to control a rc-car. The instructions are in Japanese, and it was made using python I believe).

For those of you who want to control peripherals directly from the iPhone bypassing a computer as a center communication hub, there’s a great tutorial that shows you how to make a serial communication device for your iPhone. From there, you can add wireless devices such as Zigbee which supports serial communications.

Check out the video demo of how this works:


As you can see in the video, this simple hack could lead to a dozen more great ideas for using iPhone as control device for many things.

via hackaday

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