DIY Can Crusher using a Basic Stamp!

For those of you who tend to drink a lot of soda and/or beer, you might need a cool gadget like this DIY can crusher (built using a Basic Stamp) so you can automate the can-crushing process.  Not only is it cool to recycle, it’s even better if you can make the whole recycling experience at the ease of pushing a button.

This is the “Cannihilator”, a pnuematic powered can crusher that is controlled by a BS2 on a modified Homework Board.  My two sons, Jake-8, Ryan-5 and I built it together when the boys decided that they wanted to be more environmentally responsible and start recycling.  We started with a simple wall mounted hand crusher, but I knew we could do better than that!

Indeed, stuff like this amazes me and I think I will build one myself soon.

via hackaday

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