Arduino DIY – How to Make an Arduino Dot Matrix Binary Clock!

For Arduino lovers, there has been never better time to make a dot matrix clock that uses an DS3232 RTC chip.  The build is rather simple and schematics are provided so you can easily re-make it yourself.  Now, just put this in a classy enclosure and you’ve got one of the best dot matrix clocks in the world (that you made with your own hands).

Time is read using binary, sorta like TokyoFlash binary watches, a really cool way to read time if you know what I mean.

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This clock displays all of its values in decimal, which means that each row, from bottom to top, is worth one, two, four, eight, 16, and 32, and as each LED is lit, you add them together to get the final value.  From left to right is the current month, current day of the month, hour (twelve hour based with PM indicator top center), minutes and seconds.

See video review of the Dot Matix Binary Clock:


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