Top 5 Canon EOS 7D DSLR HOWTO Videos!

I’ve recently bought a new DSLR Canon EOS 7D camera, as some of you know.  Although I haven’t played around with it enough, I realize that I need to learn to far more about its features and functions.

I did some research on your behalf, so you don’t have to; here’s some great tutorial videos I found for the Canon 7D series.  Most of them should be same across similar Canon DSLR cameras such as Canon 1D or 5D Mark II.

1) Slow-motion videos can add some great effects to your movie, here’s a great video explaining how the settings on your Canon 7D will affect its outcome:


2) Learning how to increase the Canon 7d’s dynamic range could help you take better pictures and videos, here’s a great video on how to do that:
(This basically involves hooking up your Canon 7D to your computer to upload custom picture styles but the results are fascinating! You can download movie-like cinema picture styles here and upload them to your Canon 7D.)

3) For complete newbies to Canon EOS 7D HD, check out this video:


4) For focusing on the Canon EOS 7D, here’s a great video that explains focusing of the Canon 7D in detail, great video.


5) Also learn how to customize the controls on your Canon 7D:


Also, you can check out Canon’s website for a bunch of great videos on the basic functionality of Canon 7D DSLR series here. For videos, check out some of these great video tutorials on Adobe After Effects over at VideoCoPilot, really fascinating.

Just one more video from Canon on focusing:


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