Windows 7 DIY – Top 5 Windows 7 Essential HOWTOs!

1) Learn how to make all your gadgets play nice with Windows 7!

One of the things I was impressed with Windows 7 is its connectivity with digital cameras, all your photos/videos stored get separately and you can “tag” them, which is cool.  You can read all about how to make Windows 7 play well with all your gadgets on Gizmodo.

2) How to Install Windows 7 from USB!

For those of you who still are on Windows XP or have a netbook like me that doesn’t come with an optical drive, you will definitely need to learn how to install Windows 7 from a USB.  See this great guide and also this one here.

3) How to Turn Off USB Auto-Play!

Auto-play on Windows 7 can be annoying especially everytime you insert your USB flash storage, here’s how to disable that functionality.

4) How to Move the User Directory on Windows 7!

For serious users out there, you might want to move your user directory on Windows 7.  Default user directories are not only cumbersome, they are hard to navigate and why get stuck with default directories that are easier to hack anyways?  Lifehacker has a great guide on how to move your user directory on the Windows 7.

5) How to Use Program Compatibility Mode in Windows 7!

One of the greatest things about Windows 7 is that it’s backward-compatible with most XP programs.  So far I’ve had zero problems trying to install my old XP programs (whereas I did have problems with Vista) but if you have any problems, HowToGeek has a great guide on how to use the program compatibility feature in the Windows 7.

P.S. Oh yeah, one more tip on Windows 7, turn that Windows 7 update off.  Not only Windows updates not really essential if you use a good anti-virus program and firewall, I have found updates can sometimes make things go awry.   I just have been doing that since 1998 and have had no problems whatsoever by not using Windows Updates.  Really, they just slow me down.  No Windows Updates please!

Some of you might not agree with me but trust me, I’ve been hacking/modding since 1989 baby!

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