Plumbing DIY – How to Make Add Heat Lines to Avoid Frozens Pipes Bursting!

For those of you who live in cold climates, your pipes could burst from pipes expanding if they freeze.  I’ve personally had to dealt with this kinda situation even in California.

Although proper insulation can prevent most of these bursting pipes, there’s a better solution, you can make a temperature controller couple with heat lines along your pipes to avoid pipes from freezing. Remember, this probably will be hard to do if you have a big house but for small houses, adding heat lines could surely save your a ton of money, especially if you prone to leave you home empty during vacations.

I managed to acquire a bit of heating cable that I could run in pair along the length of the pipe.
One “channel” at 12volts came out to about 47ish Watts for the entire length of the cable.
I wasn’t sure at first if this would suffice, but I gave it a try. The heating cable was taped to the underside of the pipe with PVC tape and copper tape where I assumed it would matter (I would’ve done it with copper tape along the entire length but it’s expensive 🙂 ) The pipe was then covered in foam insulation.

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